The Road" is one of the prominent works written by Cormac McCarthy. The novel conveys a vision of the author of the post-apocalyptic world, where human nature is revealed in its extreme. In such a situation, the author explores the essence of human nature and juxtaposes primary instincts of humans to superior human values, even in the savage world, where there seems to be no place for humanism. At the same time, the author apparently believes in the supremacy of humanism and human values over primary instincts even when humans struggle for survival. Probably, the author attempts to convince the audience that it is in humanism the mankind can find salvation from all of its problems and challenges. In this respect, the post-apocalyptic world reminds the modern world where people are concerned with their own well-being only. In the epoch of consumerism, there is little room for humanistic ideals, help to people in need. Instead, consumerism and the struggle for a higher social status and wealth prevail in the modern society, which resembles the struggle of people depicted by McCarthy for survival in the post-apocalyptic world. matapos ang world war 2 maraming tao ang nagluksa.