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There are many question about volcano here:
1. how would you called about not erupting volcano about past 10,000 years?
- Inactive volcano
2. what are the classification of volcanoes?
- Active and Inactive volcanoes
3. what are the property of material's resistance to flow?
- viscosity
4. this is formed by accumulation of lava  that oozes out from the volcano?
- shield volcanoes
5. it is a type of volcano that excessively explosive type of eruption of gas and
- plinian

a.)what are the external part of a volcano
1. summit
2. base
3. slope
b.)what did you mean by geothermal energy?
- it is a heat within the surface of the earth it is the heat of the earth warms up the water which is trapped in rock formation beneath its surface.

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