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Giving all types would be hard, but I hope you find this list helpful :)

acid rock, alternative rock, alternative metal, art rock, big beat, blues-rock, britpop, black metal, cello rock, celtic punk, celtic metal, christian rock, christian metal, coldwave, crossover, darkwave, dark cabaret, deathcore, death metal, doom metal, electronic folk, emo, ethereal, experimental rock/metal, extreme metal, folk rock, folk metal, folk punk, funk rock, garage rock, glam metal, gothic metal, gothic rock, grindcore, hard rock, heavy metal, horror punk, indie folk, indie rock, industrial rock, industrial metal, instrumental rock, Manila sound, math rock, medieval metal, melodic death metal, metalcore, neue Deutsche welle, new wave, new wave of American heavy metal, new wave of British heavy metal, noise rock, oi!, pagan metal, pagan rock, pinoy rock, pop rock, post-punk, power metal, progressive rock, psychobilly, psychodelic rock, psychobilly, punk rock, pap rock, riot grrrl, rock and roll, rockabilly, screamo, shock rock, skate punk, soft rock, space rock, speed metal, straight edge, stoner rock, street punk, Swedish death metal, symphonic rock, symphonic metal, synthpop, technical death metal, thrash metal, viking metal.