1. Friday the 13th  – Bad Luck
Many of us can't help but get a shiver of trepidation when we realize that a Friday the 13th is lurking within the current month.
2. Itchy Palm – Good Luck There seems to be a lot of variations on this superstition, but the idea of having an itchy palm generally refers to someone who is greedy or has an insatiable desire for money.
3. Walking Under a Ladder – Bad Luck It's common sense to avoid walking under an open ladder for fear of something falling on you, but there are superstitious reasons for doing so as well
4. Breaking a Mirror – Bad Luck Most will tell you that the agreed upon time span for bad luck is 7 years. Seven years is also how long it takes to fully rejuvenate the entire physical body.
5. Finding a Horseshoe – Good Luck Some people believe that this is the luckiest of all symbols, especially if it is found with the open end pointing toward you
6. Opening an Umbrella Inside – Bad Luck It seems like a no-brainer that opening an umbrella inside can be bad luck, since it runs the risk of breaking valuable items and poking folks in the eye.

7. Knock Twice on Wood – Reverses Bad Luck The origin of this common superstition dates back to a time when some cultures believed that gods lived in trees.
8. Tossing Spilled Salt over your Shoulder – Good Luck Salt has always been considered a valuable substance capable of purifying and warding off evil spirits.
9. Black Cats – Bad Luck This is a tough one for cat lovers to swallow, but in the Middle Ages it was thought that witches kept black cats as companions.
10. Saying "God Bless You" – Good Luck You may think it is etiquette, pure and simple, but blessing someone after he or she sneezes is actually a common superstition.