I lost so much weight because I had begun exercising.

He stayed up all night because he had received a lot of homework.

Rachel hadn't lost hope, and in the end she found her baby.

I had met him before you introduced us.

They were in shock because they had never thought about it before.

We hadn't prepared at all before we took that test.

You said you had bought this dress in the mall.

You had studied German before you moved to Germany.

He hadn't studied Italian before he move to Italy.

I did not have any money because I had left my wallet at home.

I had already fallen asleep before ten o'clock.

They had established their business before 2002.

We had gotten married before 1985.

Kate had never played the drums until last night.
Molly had wanted a guitar, but she received a book.

They had lived in Italy for twelve years before they moved to England.

I had owned this place for two years before I sold it.

You had used that pen before it was lost.

I had had that house for eight years before the fire.