Crust-it is the outermost layer of the earth and it is where living things leave... Mantle-it has two layers the outer mantle and outer mantle Core -it is the innermost layer of earth it is compost of two layers also the outercore and inner core,inner core is the hottest layer of earth because of the pressure from the mantle and inner core.. Hope I help you..Ahh as totoo lang alam ko sya dahil previous lesson ko ron into sa science because grade 6 rin ako...good luck...
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Fissure - elongated fracture or crack on the earth's crack form which the lava erupts.
conduit- passageway yhrough which the magma travels to each the earth's surface. Vent- opening where volcanic material are released. Crater- bowl-shaped depression at the top of the volcano where the vent is located. Flank- side of a volcano. Magma chamber or reservoir- underground compartment where the magma is stored