Singapore is cosmopolitan city, a unique mix of cultures. It is called "gateway between the East and West". Main ethnic groups are the Chinese (almost 75%), the Malays, Indians, but in Singapore also live many Americans and Europeans. Every culture brings something to this mix. 

Singapore has 4(!) official languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English (most common), Malay (national) and Tamil. Singaporean English is very specific, actually it is English-based creole called Singlish. Foreigners are more than 40% population of Singapore.  

The city is a host of many cultural events and festivals, like The Singapore Youth Festival and Singapore Arts Festival. Fans of performing arts meet each other in the Esplanade - "Theatres on the Bay". 

Singapore is also a city of writers, just to mention Wang Gungwu, Edwin Thumboo, Goh Poh Seng, Angeline Yap, Aaron Lee, Ciril Wong and more.
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