The answer is 22 since jodd is his twin brother tey have equal age, it means that 10 years ago they are 11 years old.. plus the  10 years that passed.. ted is already 22
it said ten years ago there 22 not ten.
yess ofcourse... try to understand the problem.. it says that 10 years ago the "SUM" of tedd and todd is 22 so u must divide the said age to the both of them so that they have their own age.. since ted and todd is twins ,they should have the same age at that time.. so since it is passed 10 years.. you must add the age of ted by ten to have his recent age...
u dont understand it said 10 years ago ted and his twin was 22 not ten
get the question first ok
i don't said that they are 10 year old.. i said that ten years ago the sum of ted and jod is 22... if u think of the word sum, it means that you must add the age of jod and ted to get the answer of 22.. and 22 is their age ten years ago.. do u understand???

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Ten years ago Ted and his twin is 22 .
his twin and Ted-22
                       +10-year ago
22+10=32 is Ted and his twin now because his twin and Ted have the same age ten years ago means 32-10=22 and plus ten again 22+10=32.
the answer is Ted is 32 years old it said ten years ago ted and his twin is 22 and now 10 years add present years=32
Hope it helps.;D.
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