divide the whole number to the denominator.
567 ÷ 7 = 81

then, multiply it to the numerator
81 × 3 = 243

so the 3/7 of 567 is 243.
Fraction used to divide things to more than 2 person

like for example have only there is a cookie that costs 5 pesos but then i have only 6 pesos so that i bought only one but we're 2 how could it be possible for us to meet our happiness just to eat the cookie

here is the concept why we have a fraction ... for dividing or taking part from a whole

how to solve 
2/3 of 9

make sense that 9 is can be a fraction because 9=9/1 ; any number that is divided by 1 is itself. so that the numerator is 9 and the denominator is 1 to solve a fraction. follow the step

1. multiply the numerator
2 multiply the denominator
3. simplify(if it can be simplify and if not then that the final answer)

2/3 of 9
get the GCF the greatest common factor which is 3 so that the final answer is 6