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Int tan^6xdx
by reduction formula
((tanx)^5)/5 - int tan^4xdx
by reduction formula
((tanx)^5)/5 - ((tanx)^3)/3) + int tan^2xdx
((tanx)^5)/5 - ((tanx)^3)/3) + int sec^2xdx - int 1dx
((tanx)^5)/5 - ((tanx)^3)/3) + tanx - x + c

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thank you again :) does cot^2 its corresponding integral value is csc^2 x-1?
thats only a phytagorean identity not really the integral of cot^2. the integral of cot^2 is -cotx-x+c
ah now I know :) thank you for helping me Daedalus..
you are welcome
I will find you again ,if I come back here in this website, good night and God bless you :) appreciated