My question is the area of a square is 81 square meter how long is one side? Can you put also a solution.
My next question is the area of a rectangle table is 360 square meter if the width is 18 how long is the length? With solution pls
My next question is a school building has 4 classrooms.Each classroom measures 6 m by 5 m find the total area of the classrooms. With solution pls
Anie bought a lot in subdivision in Laguna Philippines it measures 25 m by 15 m how many square meters did she buy? With solution pls
The perimeter of a square is 64 mm what is the area? With solution pls.



The area of a square is S^2  which means you square the length of 1 side(1 side only bec. the sides of a square is congruent).So YU WILL just find the squar root of the area which is 81. The square root of 81 is 9 :)
The are of a rectangle is length time width. You have the are and the width, so all U have to do is divide 360 by 18 to find the length. So the answer is 20. :)
Thats all I know :)
Oh and alsothe perimeter of the square is 4(s). Which means 4 times the length of one side. So U must divide 64 by 4 to get the perimeter which the answer is 16. to get the area, square the side and the answer is 256.:)


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1.) \\ Area\ of\ Square=81\ m^{2} \\ \\ Let\ \underline{s}\ be\ the\ side\ of\ square. \\ \\ Formula; \\  sides=\sqrt{Area} \\ \\ s=\sqrt{81\ m^{2}} \\ \\ \boxed{s=9\ m} \\ \\ Conclusion; \\ Therefore,9\ m\ are\ the\ measurements\ of\ the\ sides\ of\ squares.

2.) \\ Area=360\ m^{2} \\ Width=18\ m \\ Length=? \\ \\ Formula\ of\ finding\ the\ area\ of\ rectangle; \\ L\times W=Area \\ \\ L\times 18\ m=360\ m^{2} \\ \\ L= \frac{360\ m^{2}}{18\ m} \\ \\ \boxed{L=20\ m} \\ \\ Conclusion; \\ Therefore,the\ length\ of\ the\ rectangle\ is\ \underline{20\ m}

3.) \\ Area=6\ m\times 5\ m \\ \boxed{Area=30\ m} \\ \\ Conclusion; \\ Therefore,the\ area\ of\ the\ classroom\ is\ \underline{30\ meters} \\ \\ 4.) \\ Area=25\ m\times 15\ m \\ \boxed{Area=375\ m^{2}}

Conclusion; \\ Therefore,\underline{375\ m^{2}}\ is\ the\ area\ of\ the\ subdivisions. \\ \\ 5.) \\ Formula; \\ S\times S=Area \\ \\ S= \frac{Perimeter}{4} \\ \\ S= \frac{64\ mm}{4} \\ \\ \boxed{S=16\ mm}

S\times S=Area \\ \\ 16\ mm\times 16\ mm=Area \\ \\ \boxed{\boxed{256\ mm^{2}=Area}} \\ \\ Conclusion; \\ Therefore,the\ area\ of\ the\ square\ \underline{256\ mm^{2}}. \\ \\ Hope\ it\ Helps:) \\ Domini