10 ex.of Rising intonation
1.Do you like watching heroes?
2 Is this music good?
3 Are you hungry?
4 Are you insane?
5 He is a little bit lazy,ins't he?
6 Did you finish your homework?
7 Wow! That man is genius,isnt he?
8 Is she here?
9 Do you eat pasta?
10 Can you sing?

10 ex. falling intonation
1 This music sounds good.
2 Which book is the best fo you?
3 Water is good for the body.
4 Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.
5 Liam,study your lessons now.
6 Get me my shoes.
7 Blue is my favorite color.
8 I love watching heroes.
9 What a crazy show!
10 This is good!
1 5 1